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The Department of Health Services (DHS) is creating a plan that will make BIG changes to how services are provided to people with disabilities. We only have 30 days to comment! Without your input, these changes may not be strong enough to make lives better!

DHS must follow rules about how they provide services to people with disabilities through programs like Family Care, IRIS, children's and other waiver programs.  These rules say the State must write a plan that  describes how people with disabilities will get the help they need to stay healthy, work at jobs of their choice in the community, live where and with people they want to, and are able to control decisions about their life.

Wisconsin's plan must tell us how people with disabilities are living and working in their communities (integrated settings). People with disabilities cannot be isolated. By giving people with disabilities more choices and control over their lives people with disabilities will be healthier and have stronger friendships and connections with other people in their community.

Wisconsin must describe in detail how it will make this happen. If some places need to change, they have to tell how they will change in a way that people do not lose their supports.

Wisconsin can't write a good plan without your help! You must tell DHS about where you live and work, and how it could be better.

These are things you might tell the DHS:

  •  "I do not have as many choices in my life as I would like. There things I would like to change so I have more choice and control." (Give examples)
  • "I do not see or get a chance to talk and make friends with many people without disabilities where I live or where I work. It is important to me to be part of my community and to get to know more people." (Tell a story)
  • "I have ideas on how to make the place that I live or work better because I am not able to do certain things that I would like to do." (Tell what you want to change)

Submit Your Comments

On Paper:

To submit on paper, please print and mail the appropriate form above to:

The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities
Wisconsin Transition Plan
101 East Wilson Street, Rm. 219
Madison, WI 53703

On Line:

Use our online tool to submit your comments

More Details:

Use our online tool to submit your comments OR Send your comments directly to DHS:

Subject: Transition Plan

Mail written comments to:

Division of Long Term Care
Office of Family Care Expansion – Attn: Transition
Plan 1 West Wilson St, Room 518
PO Box 7851
Madison WI 53707-7851

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