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If you are an advocate or provider organization that supports people with disabilities now is the time to tell the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) why community integration is essential and where it is or is not happening. DHS is writing a plan on how to improve services and the public (that means you!) only has 30 days to comment!

Are there providers or settings in your area that are not integrated or not providing services that promote integration (interaction at work and in the community with people without disabilities)?

Think about how you would tell the Department to direct and support providers to change to give more choice and be more integrated for people with disabilities. What are some specific examples you can share of how integration is working well for people? NO community should have only one option of work or residential support. Settings should not isolate people from their community. There must be a choice.

These are things you might tell the DHS:

  • "In my experience as an advocate/provider, the residential/employment settings in my area are not as integrated as they should be and do not provide enough choices/control for people with disabilities." (Provide some specific examples of where integration is limited; name settings or providers that must improve integration)
  • "People with disabilities in my area do not have enough choices of places to live (residential settings) or workplaces that are integrated and they do not have enough opportunity to interact with people without disabilities." (Give specific examples)
  • Tell the Department what specific standards/guidelines they should use to determine whether a residential, employment or other setting is integrated. Get ideas on what to say here:

Submit Your Comments

On Paper:

To submit on paper, please print and mail the appropriate form above to:

The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities
Wisconsin Transition Plan
101 East Wilson Street, Rm. 219
Madison, WI 53703

On Line:

Use our online tool to submit your comments

More Details:

Use our online tool to submit your comments OR Send your comments directly to DHS:

Subject: Transition Plan

Mail written comments to:

Division of Long Term Care
Office of Family Care Expansion – Attn: Transition
Plan 1 West Wilson St, Room 518
PO Box 7851
Madison WI 53707-7851


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